"Service from MPS: that's more than technical maintenance".

As a production company, you want to focus on your core business, ensuring that your high-quality product reaches the customer on time. A well-maintained machine park is vital for this.


Please call us on +31 180 510455 to report a fault or send an e-mail to service@mpstechniek.nl. When reporting a fault, it is important that you specify the data on the machine identification plate. This information is essential in order to provide you with the best possible service.

The machine identification plate can be found on the runner or on the electrical control box and looks like this:

In the unlikely event that an MPS identification plate is not present on the runner or the electrical control box, then the number can also be found on the cover sheet of the electrical wiring diagram.
If your machine does not have an electrical schematic and an identification plate, please provide a picture of the machine plate.

If it is an older measuring system, an MPS 2010 or 4010 or similar, there is a sticker on the back showing the year of manufacture and serial number. It is also important to mention the first buyer’s company name if possible. This is because our technical archive has been sorted by company name in the past.
(See the 4 photos for examples)

Our service coordinator takes stock of how we can help you most efficiently and effectively.  One of the possibilities is to log into the machine remotely. Software and/or electronic faults can thus be quickly detected and, where possible, solved.

on-site maintenance

Our team consists of professional VCA-certified colleagues who will be happy to take the (periodical) maintenance off your hands. (Preventive) maintenance contributes to fewer malfunctions or breakdowns of your machines. We carry out annual inspections on a contract basis to check the condition of the machines and to carry out maintenance where necessary. The result of this preliminary inspection is recorded in an inspection report so that you have a clear and transparent overview of the necessary maintenance activities.on-site maintenance


The overhaul or “upgrade” of a machine can be an attractive alternative to buying a new machine for cost reasons. Broken or worn parts are replaced and the machine is adapted to your wishes and requirements as much as possible.